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JSL Innovations is comprised of innovative engineers, and makers with years of experience in bringing ideas to life. 

Kelvin Boateng

Project Engineer
I graduated from Rice University with a B.S. in Bioengineering and spent a lot of my early undergrad career gaining broad experience with the electronics of medical devices at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen, Baylor College of Medicine, and Odin Health Technologies. Later on, I began to strengthen my mechanical engineering portfolio both in my coursework, at Johnson & Johnson's Center for Device Innovation and Rice senior design, leading/developing projects that combined complex mechanical assemblies with microcontroller-based electronics and software control. I am grateful for each and every opportunity I had to grow my skills as an engineer in healthcare, and I am very excited to improve the implementation of more electromechanical and robotic systems in healthcare

Joe Labdik

CEO & Founder
In 2009 I found that I had a natural love for making things. I am a graduate of a high school VO-tech program where I worked in the industry while I also attended classes. I spent the early part of my career in the hydraulics industry learning tooling and automation solutions with Bosch Rexroth. I then moved on in 2013 to Lutron electronics where I learned how to make prototype products using whatever machines we had available. In 2017 I moved to Texas and became fluent in 5 different CAD-CAM software packages and a multitude of industries. I settled back into prototype manufacturing at Johnson & Johnson's Center for Device Innovation. From there I began working with physicians, startups, corporations, and entrepreneurs. I noticed that in Houston there was a large lack of resources when it came to early-stage prototyping and decided to form a company. The premise behind my company was simple: combine the best talent, with the latest technology, and achieve incredible results. As the "Jack of all trades, master of none" I can say that there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Jeff Jouett

Prototype Machinist
I stared my career in 1990 working for an industrial design firm making primarily visual models as well as some prototypes. It was there that I learned to make master parts and then use them to make silicone molds and then cast urethane parts in the molds. The primary clients using this process were Bunn and Fellows. From there I moved to a prototyping company that primarily focused on silicone molding with urethane castings. After this I began working in Austin and starting to learn CNC programming. I made visual models and many engineering prototypes. Clients such as Bose, Microsoft, Dell, Compaq Computers, HP Computers. I did this type of work for 12 years. In 2007 I made the switch to manufacturing and started a machine shop for a plastics manufacturing company that specialized in making Torlon. Clients included: Boeing, SpaceX, NASA, Weatherford, and Ottobock to name a few. I did high precision parts ranging for live tooling in a lathe, to multi-axis milling.

Colin Brahmstedt

Development Engineer
While studying electrical engineering, I began my experience in the medical space running full time as an EMT in Burlington, VT. Upon graduation, I followed my passion into the concert industry as a freelance engineer developing projects for musicians in the New England area, as well as serving as a lighting director and sound engineer for local venues. Looking to develop larger scale projects, I found myself at Google in the Advanced Technologies and Projects group supporting projects from prototype to manufacturing. I then went on to support prototyping teams at Zoox, UCSF, Johnson and Johnson, and Texas Children’s Hospital developing initial concepts from napkin sketches to reality.