JSL Innovations offers manufacturing services to fit all of your needs, at competitive prices.


If you need 1 or 1,000 components, we can handle it!


Whether you are looking for a proof of concept for testing, or a beautiful mock up that will wow your investors, we can quickly deliver exactly what you are looking for.


Need it perfect, and need it quick? We employ ground breaking techniques that cut lead times, and put parts in your hands faster!

Flexibility & Communication

We work hand in hand with our clients. Working off of a napkin sketch? Not quite sure about all of those tolerances? Have a face to face conversation with our shop and let us take it from there. 


 Your parts, made to your standards. We take pride in everything that we make. It’s more than just a job to us, it’s our passion.

Cost Savings

By using industry leading resource planning software to quote your project. No guessing, or flawed algorithms. Each inquiry is assessed by an industry expert and  estimated down to the second to ensure the most competitive price.


Looking to conquer a new problem? We can do it together.


Our team of engineers has all the experience and tools to bring your amazing idea to life. 


Looking to develop or iterate that complex component or assembly? Are you not experienced in CAD modeling or tolerance analysis? We can help you with the heavy lifting so you can go back to running your company.


Don’t fear creating circuit boards, implementing sensors, and firmware. We are here to help.

Intellectual Property Ownership

We are a fee for service company. This means all of the amazing ideas we come up with are entirely owned by you! 


Not sure where to turn? We can tell you where to look, and what to ask for. Nobody is an expert on every single industry, but you know your product better than anyone else. Many of our clients need other services that JSL does not offer. Instead of turning them away when the job is done, we help facilitate relationships with trusted industry connections that we have built over years of experience. We help educate our clients on what they need and guide them in the next direction. Once they know the right terms and exactly what to ask for, our clients feel safer making the next decision for their products. 

Mass Production

Ready to go to market but need to find a specific ISO certified partner? Let’s have a conversation about your options, and introduce you to the right partners. 


You know you need help managing documentation, vendors, and product quality. But who actually knows those things? We can point you in the direction!

Other Services

Our clients have complex supply chain needs. Often our clients may not even know what a fair price for these services or products is. Avoid the bidding war, lets work together to find trusted sources.

Industry Connections

Looking for the right doctor or investor that would love to work with your product and provide feedback? We leverage our connections in the industry to help accelerate your time to market.