Our commitment to quality

At JSL we take the quality of our products seriously

How seriously you ask? Here are some frequently asked questions about the products we produce.

Does JSL have a quality management system in place?

You bet we do. JSL has implemented a robust quality management system that standardizes processes, proactively confronts risks,  and ensures that your products always conform to your expectations and specifications.

Do you perform inspections?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled craftsmen constantly check that your products are within spec as they’re produced! We don’t just stop there though, we also conduct a formal first article, in-process, and final inspection throughout the entire process of bringing your ideas to life. 

What about material certifications?

We’ve got those too! We secure our materials from reputable suppliers with strict controls in place. We conduct routine supplier evaluations, monitor their performance, and secure material trace reports. Material trace reports are available upon request, or supplied with your order if specified.  

What if I don't even know what my specifications are?

That’s perfectly fine with us! JSL works with all sorts of people. From some of the largest companies on the planet, to regular folks who simply have an amazing idea. We’ve done the leg work to determine what most of our customers want, and made those standards our bare minimum. That doesn’t mean we can’t go above and beyond for you though.

What if I don't have a drawing?

Orders without drawings are assigned general tolerances of +/- .005″ for all features. If you know that your product may need a bit more attention to detail, tell us that during the quotation process and we can work together to make sure our staff know exactly what you need.

What about larger orders? How do I know that my entire order is within tolerance?

Say you need 100 components made for testing, or just to top off your inventory. We spot-check every single part that we make. However, in order to collect real data that we can track, we conduct formal inspections with documented results. We use a method of determining the number of parts that get formally inspected which comes from the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 standard. We use general inspection level II to determine the number of parts we need to formally inspect during the run.  But if you tell us that you need more, we can absolutely accommodate your request.

Does your system comply with any international standards?

We do! JSL has a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

What even is ISO 9001

ISO stands for International Standards Organization. To quickly explain it, ISO is a group of folks who literally wrote the book on quality. They created the ISO standard, which is a set of rules and regulations intended to reduce critical issues that could seriously impact everything around us. After all, every single man-made object comes from a complex supply chain. ISO helps make sure that the entire supply chain is operating on the same principles.

Can I see your quality management system?

We thought you’d never ask. You can click on the button below to view our quality policy. Our entire system is constantly evolving as we find new areas to improve. So if you’d like to take a look at what we have right now all you need to do is reach out and request a copy of our quality management system. We’re very excited to show you just how seriously we take quality. 

What's the difference between your quality policy and your quality management system?

Really it’s simple, our quality management system is the all encompassing bible that dictates exactly how we do many different things throughout the organization. Our quality policy is a summary of what quality means within our organization. The policy is actually just one piece of our entire management system.

So ISO means I'm guaranteed a good product, right?

Not quite. As a company with our own supply chain filled with ISO compliant companies, we can tell you that not everyone takes quality as seriously as we do. ISO has many formal requirements, but for the most part the strength of a company’s quality system is based on their own baseline. At JSL we have our old tried and true quality system: If we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we simply don’t sell it. Craftsmen and businessmen aren’t always the same thing. So as proud craftsmen who love what we do, we’d rather lose money than ship out a product that doesn’t wow us as we package it up.